Pluralsight - Play by Play: React Using Babel, Webpack, and Falcor with Brian Holt
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Genre: Video Training
This is the future of client-side architecture. Together we will explore the latest in React best practices, how to integrate ES6 syntax using Webpack, and the novel concept of "binding to the cloud" using Netflix's Falcor. Furthermore, you will be delighted by the simplicity of how this all fits together to make a very easy and pleasant architecture to work with.

Project Setup
Moving to San Francisco
About the Falcor API Server
The Recipe Project
Adding Dependencies
Setting up The Index.Html Boilerplate
Setting up Webpack
Setting up index.js
Running Webpack for the First Time

Falcor Setup and Queries
Setting up Falcor
Retrieving Data
Falcor Query Syntax
Using and Debugging References
Solving the References Bug
Querying with Multiple Paths

Atom Data Type
Defining a List as an Atom
Only One Endpoint

React Setup
Why React.js?
Setting up React.js
Give React Some Data

Connecting React and Falcor
Using Statics
Writing Falcor Queries
Auto Population of Fields

Open Source and Your Career
Building a Career