Pluralsight - Data Analytics: Hands On
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Genre: Video Training
This course covers everything from the basic concepts of data analysis, to data warehouse design and data visualization principles. If you're looking for a career change or already making your way into the world of transforming data into value, this course will help you understand all of the key concepts and get some hands-on skills, while being directed to where you can dig in deeper when you find something you're interested in. If you're already working in the data world, you can use this course as a reference. Each module is broken down into segments that answer the basic questions of what, why, how, and where so you can easily dive in where you want to learn more and jump back out without needing to start watching from the beginning.

Getting Started
Module Layout
Skills Overview
Our Story
What Is Data Analytics?
Why Data Analytics Exists
How It Works
Where to Find More

Excel Basics
What Is Excel?
Why Use Excel?
How It Works
Demo: Formatting Columns
Demo: Basic Functions
Where to Find More

Massaging Data in Excel
What Is Massaging Data?
Why Massage Data?
How It Works
Demo: Vlookup
Demo: Vlookup & Match
Demo: Removing Duplicates
Where to Find More
Analyzing Data in Excel
What Is Analysis?
Why Analyze Data?
How It Works
Demo: Pivot Tables
Demo: Pivot Charts
Demo: Going Interactive
Where to Find More

Databases Overview
What Are Databases?
Why Use a Database?
Types of Databases
How Databases Work
Demo: Setting up SQL Server
Loading Data to SQL Server
Where to Find More

Intro to SQL
What Is SQL?
Why Use SQL?
SQL Basics
How SQL Works
Demo: Basic Select Statement
Demo: Filtering Results
Demo: Ordering Results
Demo: Aggregations
Where to Find More

Intro to Data Modeling
What Is Data Modeling?
Why Use Data Modeling?
Key Concept: Relationships
Key Concept: Normalization
Demo: Creating a Data Model in SQL Server
Demo: Creating Relationships in SQL Server
Where to Find More

Data Warehousing Basics
What Is Data Warehousing?
Why Use Data Warehousing?
How Data Warehousing Works
Key Concept: ETL
Key Concept: Dimensional Modeling
Key Concept: Star Schema
Demo: Building a Star Schema in SQL Server
Where to Find More

Big Data
What Is Big Data?
Why Big Data Exists
How Big Data Works
Key Concept: Distributed Computing
Key Concept: CAP Theorem
Where to Find More

Visualizing Data in Charts
What Is Data Visualization?
Why Visualize Data?
How Data Visualization Works
Key Concept: Visual Perception
Key Concept: Color
Key Concept: Chart Types
Key Concept: Dashboards
Where to Find More

Building Charts in Tableau
What Is Tableau?
Why Use Tableau?
How Tableau Works
Demo: Installing Tableau
Demo: Connecting to Data
Demo: Building Charts
Demo: Calculations
Demo: Dashboards
Demo: Sharing Your Work
Where to Find More

Presenting Findings
What Are Presentations?
Why Use Presentations?
How to Present Findings
Key Concept: Audience
Key Concept: Story
Key Concept: Slides
Key Concept: Data
Where to Find More