Pluralsight - Communications: How to Talk, Write, Present, and Get Ahead!
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Learn how to communicate effectively in your workplace to be more effective in your job and to further your career, applicable to anyone who has to communicate and wants to improve their communication skills.
Communicating effectively is one of the most essential aspects of your job, and is the key to progressing in your career. But how do you do it? Most companies do not provide training on how to communicate so this course fills that gap for you. Firstly you'll learn the foundational skills necessary for any form of communication. Then you'll learn the art of running a successful meeting, along with how to handle some specific meeting scenarios like code reviews and 1-1s. You'll learn how to write effectively, whether emails, articles, or reports, and how to start and maintain a popular blog.
Then you'll move on to planning and writing a presentation, including how to pick a topic, formulate an effective slide-deck template, and write the presentation content, all depending on what type of presentation it is. Finally, you'll learn how deliver a top-notch presentation, including preparation, managing nerves, and a whole raft of tips and tricks on what to do and what not to do. In today's busy work environment you can't afford to have sub-standard communication skills or you'll be left behind - but if you watch this course and practice what you learn in it, you'll boost your skills and start to get ahead! This course is perfect for anyone working in the I.T. industry, with any amount of technical experience and communication skills.