Pluralsight - Building Your First ASP.NET Core Web Application (2017)
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After 15 years of ASP.NET, Microsoft has introduced the most radical change to the framework with the introduction of ASP.NET Core. ASP.NET Core is a complete new framework in which many concepts have changed. In this course, Building Your First ASP.NET Core Web Application, you'll learn how you can build a fully working website with ASP.NET Core, Bethany's Pie Shop. First, you'll start from scratch and you can follow along to build the entire solution in a practical way. Next, you'll learn about the project structure and project files and will see how the application is built up starting from the model and the database using Entity Framework Core. Then, you'll learn about controllers, how routing is handled in ASP.NET Core, and how you'll build several views using the new tag helpers and Razor. Finally, you'll explore what Dependency Injection is and why it plays a central role in ASP.NET Core and when the app is ready, you'll deploy it to Azure.
At the end of this course, you'll have built a real-life application and that will give you a solid understanding of the ASP.NET core platform. You can use the application as a starting point for your own websites you'll want to build after finishing this course.
Course Overview
Setting up the Solution
Creating the Overview Page
Adding Data with EF Core
Designing More Pages
Adding Navigation
Ordering with the Form
Adding Client-side Functionality
Adding Security Using ASP.NET Identity
Deploying the Site to Azure