Pluralsight - Akka.NET Testing Fundamentals
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Akka.NET allows easier creation of reactive, stateful, concurrent, and fault-tolerant applications through the use of actors. Due to the nature of the Actor Model, additional testing strategies and tools are required to test our actors. By the end of this course, you'll know how to set up and execute automated unit and integration tests against your actors.

Course Overview
1m 16s
Course Overview 1m 16s

Getting Started with TestKit
22m 35s
Introduction 1m 27s
Course Structure 0m 59s
Suggested Course Prerequisites 0m 49s
NuGet Packages 2m 1s
TestKit Test Class Overview 1m 57s
Modes of Testing 1m 30s
Direct Testing 2m 10s
Unit Testing 1m 1s
Integration Testing 1m 41s
Mixed Mode Testing 1m 19s
Getting Started in Visual Studio 5m 43s
Summary 1m 54s

Writing Basic Tests
54m 52s
Introduction 1m 49s
Overview of the TestKit Base Class 4m 18s
Writing Direct Tests 10m 22s
Writing Unit Tests 5m 50s
Creating and Testing a User Actor 6m 10s
Testing Actor Replies 7m 38s
Who's the Sender? 2m 12s
Additional Expected Message Methods 1m 8s
Writing Integration Tests 9m 43s
Synchronous and Asynchronous Actor Tests 2m 12s
General Testing Guidelines 1m 29s
Summary 1m 57s

Using Mock Actors and Dependencies
31m 1s
Introduction 2m 43s
Mocking Non-actor Dependencies 8m 5s
Connecting the StatisticsActor and DatabaseActor 3m 30s
Using Hand-written Mock Actors 4m 39s
Using TestProbes 7m 37s
Additional Test Actors 2m 15s
Summary 2m 10s

Additional TestKit Features
30m 22s
Introduction 1m 47s
Testing for Correct Logging 8m 16s
Testing for Undelivered Messages 3m 15s
Testing for Expected Exceptions 2m 27s
Testing for Custom EventStream Messages 3m 24s
Testing That an Actor Was Terminated 2m 58s
Testing Parents and Children 2m 57s
Testing Non-deterministic Message Order 2m 56s
Summary 2m 19s