Pluralsight - Administering Active Directory Objects with PowerShell
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Learn to manage the components of your Active Directory domain with simple command-line statements. Effortlessly find and manipulate users, computer accounts, groups, and organizational units, while reducing the workload on your domain controllers! Join Microsoft Certified Trainer Mike Hammond in this informative and fun exploration of ways to make your IT Administration tasks faster and easier!

Welcome and Introduction
Welcome and Introduction
What You Will Get from This Course
Demo: Only HOW Long to Create 500 Users?

Finding Objects in Active Directory
Finding Objects in Active Directory
Querying for Multiple Objects with the -Filter Parameter
Retrieving Additional Properties
Targeting Other Domains
Targeting Specific Locations in Active Directory
Repurposing Old Queries with the -LDAPFilter Parameter

Managing User Accounts
Creating User Accounts with New-ADUser
Changing User Properties with Set-ADUser
Enabling, Disabling, Unlocking User Accounts & Managing Passwords
Managing Stale User Accounts

Managing Computer Accounts
Creating and Finding Computer Accounts
Enabling, Disabling, and Moving Computer Accounts
Setting Computer Account Properties
Managing the Secure Channel

Managing Groups
Creating and Retrieving Groups
Setting Group Properties
Managing Group Membership and Deleting Groups

Managing Organizational Units
Creating and Retrieving OUs
Customer Modifying and Removing OUs
Managing OU Contents
Changing OU Structure

Optimizing Performance When Querying Active Directory
Introduction to Optimizing AD Querying
Demonstration: Optimizing Returned Objects
Demonstration: Observing Query Impact
Demonstration: Optimizing Returned Object Properties
Thanks and Goodbye