PHP for Web Designers
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There are many great reasons to learn PHP. You can reduce manual updates to webpages, get user input, and connect to a database of products or other information. But some web designers are intimidated by the theory and jargon. PHP for Web Designers is different. Author David Powers provides a gentle introduction to PHP, through a series of simple exercises that help you develop fully functional dynamic webpages-all powered by PHP. Learn how to reduce website maintenance by moving common page elements to external server-side include files, change content automatically depending on the date or time, display alternate text, gather user input from a form, and link to a database to display product information. The final chapter is dedicated to understanding error messages and fixing their root causes.

Note: This course was recorded with Adobe Dreamweaver, but you can use the code editor of your choice to follow along.

Topics include:
How to use PHP in a webpageStoring and displaying text and numbers in variablesUsing functionsAdding comments to your PHP scriptsMoving common page elements to include filesDisplaying different content on a pageWorking with multiple values in arrays and loopsGetting form input sent by the POST methodUsing PHP sessions to preserve dataStoring data in session variablesConnecting to and querying a databaseHandling errors
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