Moodle Tutorial: EXPERT LEVEL Educator Course
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Moodle Tutorial Expert Level incl advanced learning content, adaptive learning, gamification - whole new level skillset!

Learn Moodle's advanced features step-by-step to become an Expert level Moodle Educator. You will learn how to convert your "one-size-fits-all" Moodle course - to a "Custom-learning-path", "Gamified" course - while leveraging advanced learning content techniques.

The #1, FIRST and BEST resource anywhere to learn Advanced Moodle techniques. Topics include Adaptive Learning, Gamification, SCORM, OER, Social Aspects, Advanced Communications, Collaborative Learning and more. This course will provide exceptional value to you - several times over the price paid - OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Answer these to see if you need this course:

You already have a free, Open Source LMS i.e. Moodle. Now, do you want Open Source LEARNING CONTENT? Learn how to tap into OER - to save $$$$s, time and effort.
Do you want to significantly reduce interoperability $$$$s for your institution? Learn how to use SCORM in Moodle.
Do you wish your courses were as engaging as Facebook and LinkedIn? Learn GAMIFICATION of your courses.
Is every student in your course exactly the same? No. But do you have different learning paths for the weak student and the gifted student? Learn how to create a course that ADAPTS to learner's requirements.
Are you clueless about student's online learning behavior? Tap into ANALYTICS.

Master Moodle's Advanced Features Quickly Using this Expert Educator's Course:

Learn Advanced Learning Content Techniques
Learn to use Collaborative Learning Tools in Moodle
Build customized learning paths for students - according to their learning needs (Goodbye to "one-size-fits-all"!)
Leverage Moodle's most powerful tool for Adaptive Learning (several techniques taught)
Develop phenomenal student engagement with Gamification in Moodle
Leverage Analytics - find out what is happening in your online class!

Become an EXPERT level Moodle Educator with this course:

The SCORM international standard significantly reduces your Learning Content interoperability costs
Gain $$$$'s worth of free, Learning Content - using Open Educational Resources (OER)
Use Wiki, Glossary tools to drive Collaborative Learning - increase student engagement significantly
See how Lesson Module can be used to create Adaptive Learning (address weak students and strong students separately)
Learn GAMIFICATION in Moodle (everybody is doing it) - to supercharge student engagement with Scoreboards, Progress bars,
Basics of Learning Analytics with SCORM reports, Lesson reports and more

What am I going to get from this course?

Highly potent and condensed information - highly prepared - 100% hands on - 100% subtitled lectures - no rambling.
Learn in a few hours - concepts that will otherwise take MONTHS to stitch together elsewhere
Learn Expert level concepts DIRECTLY from a teacher who has implemented Learning Management Systems across a diverse set of requirements - pure online distance education to blended learning to classroom augmentation. From large scale DE to small scale corporate training classrooms. Join ~3000 Moodle learners who have learned aspects of Moodle from this teacher.
Quizzes and Practice Assignments - to selftest your knowledge
DIGITAL COMPLETION CERTIFICATE provided by UDEMY *you need to finish 100% of this course
Go ahead and join this course - and I look forward to seeing you in the class!