Lynda - Building a Slack Bot with Node.js Microservices
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Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English
Build a microservice-based system using Node.

Build a microservice-based system using Node. js. In the industry, Node. js is widely used to implement microservices that consume and provide APIs. In this course Daniel Khan covers the architectural considerations one has to take when building a system based on microservices and shows how to implement a resilient, natural language-aware Slack bot with Node. js. This course is designed to give you the knowledge to build out more complex architectures based on the framework created during the lessons. After explaining some basics about Node. js and microservices, Daniel shows you how to sketch out the planned architecture for your application and get the boilerplate code, modules, and credentials in place. Next, he shows how to create a bot user in Slack, connect to Slack, and post messages. He also shows you how to get your bot to process variations in text by creating logic that delegates the processing of intent to dedicated modules. Lastly, he shows how to register additional services and he covers how to use monitoring to identify architectural or performance issues.

* Using Slack APIs
* Sketching out a Slack bot architecture
* Setting up a project and choosing modules
* Creating and naming your bot
* Connecting to Slack
* Setting up and using natural language processing
* Routing by intents
* Implementing geocoding and time calculation
* Adding and monitoring services