The Lone Full Stack Developer: Part 2 The User Experience
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Short User Experience Research and Users Persona for Boycotting App

You will see and understand how the user persona and our little research help us see a different side of our platform.


Short User Experience Research and Users Persona for Boycotting App
This is the second part of our project where I teach you to build your dream without a team. This is not the most sexy part but it is necessary. Without the proper understanding of our target users and how they will operate, we may not be successful at this endeavor.
You will see and understand how the user persona and our little research help us see a different side of our platform.
Here's our new project charter, with updated requirements:
Boycott bad creatures, places or things.
Version: 1.0.0 - enough to launch the project.
Mission: GetCott mission is to make it easy for the world to boycott bad creatures, places or things.
Vision: Become the number one boycotting platform.
Boycott bad creatures, places or things.
This isn't a conversation; it's a boycott.
Fix the situation or Suffer the consequences
Leverage current situations.
Can leverage non-profit organizations.
Leverage public figures.
Huge open source and community involvement.
Grab Your Wallet
Boycott Trump
Traditional Means of Boycotting
Core Competencies:
Project Detail
Project Description: Create a web platform that let victims boycott villains. And make it so that activists can support victims, and villains can make amend and ask for forgiveness.
Scope: users can add a cott, add a villain, add villain contact information, boycott the situation, and invite others to help boycott, and decide if the situation was fixed or not. The system will send an email to the villain.
Out of Scope: the system will not send any other message to the villain, other message such as phone call, text message, or snail mail. Villains will not be able to respond to boycott, victim will not be able to add proof, no like or dislike, no comments.
Walkthrough: users will register using social media or regular, they will add the categories that interest them. Then they will be asked to add a cott, and under the input, they will see cotts that they can support. Users will add the cott category, villain, date and time, location, situation, sentencing, and remedy. Users can also support cotts by simply click support on the cott.
Platform: Web, iOS, Windows, and Android, Tablets, Tech Wears, Television
Victims - those who have lost trust on others.
Villains - those who are distrusted by others.
Activists - those who support a situation.
Systems - backend automation that make the platform work.
User Personas
Black Lives Matter
Date Founded: June 2013
Location: USA
Type: Social Movement
FOUNDERS: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi
Black Lives Matter is an organization that want to shine light on police brutality. They believe that Police have the power to kill, knowledge to get away with their killings, and often time the support. Black Lives Matter exist because America is telling them that black lives don't matter. Fox News have a paid correspondence, Mark Furhman, who is a known Nazi sympathizer and is the face of police brutality. BLM believes these organizations who supports these terrorists.
Black Live Matter started a movement and the entire world have joined in. Good news, there are many little cells that are operating independently. The bad news is that they cannot stand together and truly make a greater impact. Black Live Matter wants to be able to have other BLM cells to go under them.
Law markers pass the patriot act to fight terrorism but won't fight police terrorism.
Police are getting away with murder.
Color people might counter-terrorIzing cops.
Wants law makers to stand against police brutality.
Wants people to stand against organizations that are for Police Brutality.
Wants people to donate to their cause.
BLM login to getcott and found out that there are multiple BLM communities. So, they add their account. They also found a list of other BLM community that they can merge with. Since their Twitter Account is verified, they get to send a merge request with all other BLM's and they have the chance to be the parent or the cell. They choose to be the parent. Other cells have decided to merge with them. Even though the cells are operating independently, BLM is able to boycott and requests all cells members to join.
Supporters may choose to support a cell or the parent cell. The parent cell may send automatic notification summoning all supporters. Cell members may call for automatic notification summoning only their members. Cell members maynot summon all members.
BLM parent company can summon all members in behalf of a cell members. Now, BLM is able to unite all supporters and activists.