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I remember feeling sick to my stomach every time my sites disappeared off Page 1 of Google.
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Dear Frustrated Online Marketer,

I was so fed up with Google moving the goal posts

I wanted answers! And I wanted THE TRUTH!

I went on a mission to get the answers.

I wanted to meet the Gurus' face to face and ask them how they kept their sites glued on Page 1?
I heard about a Caribbean Cruise where the
search engine masters go to relax together...

I knew this was my chance!

So I bought my ticket and hopped on board:

WOW! 400 of the best SEO guys and Online Marketers in the world, together on a cruise ship and nowhere to hide!

I hunted them down, at the pool, in the dining room and especially at the bar!
"Their guard was down
They didn't hold back"

Over a few beers I asked if I could record some interviews and ask some tough questions that would help with my business.

They all agreed! So I interviewed them - but I never expected them to open up the way they did!

They exposed amazing insider secrets and strategies they use to crush the competition.

This is the stuff NO ONE had shared with me before - any wonder my sites kept getting bumped from Page 1!

This stuff is way too good to not share. And it works with thousands of keywords in any niche, so it doesn't hurt me to share it with you.

However not knowing and applying this stuff can get you 'slapped' HARD!

If you want to be glued on Page 1 of Google for all your 'buyer keywords' generating unstoppable traffic.

Then I highly recommend...

"Secrets of the Search Engine Masters"

Over 2 hours of candid no holds barred interviews on convenient MP3's and a time saving Quick Start Blueprint.
You'll learn step by step how the world's top SEO Masters dominate the search engines.

Here's what you get:

Newbies you're in for a treat. You'll hear exactly how to flatten out the learning curve to achieve results only available to experts - until now!

The NEW SEO has arrived. Learn about the 5 main 'user signals' that tells Google your site is relevant. Discover the formula these experts use so you too can get your sites to the top.

In these exclusive sessions you'll hear me ask the best of the best, highly paid SEO Experts the tough questions and you'll be amazed at how they open up and reveal their secrets!

Detailed answers on how to give Google what it wants and how having the correct SEO mindset can explode your business.

Here's What They are Saying:

I attend a lot of seminars and conferences - but what I learned from these conversations gave me some 'aha moments' that are making a real impact in my business. The panel of experts assembled and the insights you can put to work immediately is, well, just plain awesome!

Kim Albee
CEO Genoo

When Lewis shared who he was interviewing for the latest SEO online tips - I knew he wasn't rehashing the same ol' same ol'. Being an SEO professional, I can tell you that what he is gleaning from his interviews are the latest reports from the "front lines", the bleeding edge of what's working in the search engines. And not tricky or sneaky ways but sustainable, tactics that aren't the lastest "hack du jour" (which work today but eventually get a website banned from the search results.) Lewis did a terrific job of interviewing them, staying clear of jargon and confusing terms, and keeping the information accessible for those who want to know what they need to do to get a better relationship with the search engines AND their customers.

Carolyn Holzman
Your Austin SEO Company

Hi, It's Dirk Linderman here and I wanted to tell you about a great little interview series I just reviewed - It's called "Secrets of the Search Engine Masters" and if you care at all about SEO, then you need to grab a copy. Lewis got these guys that really know SEO inside and out to open up and share (I can't believe some of the stuff they shared!).

If you have ever wondered what it's like to listen to high level SEOs talk about what they think and what is working for them, then you owe it to yourself to grab a copy.

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