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Tomcat is a web server popular with Java programmers and system admins who need a superior web server to publish their web apps. Written in Java for the Java community, Tomcat is a free production grade web server that is open source, cross-platform (runs on Unix, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows), and very easy to install with no real need for configuration other than for security purposes.

System admins love the lightweight Tomcat because it's a no-fuss web server with very reasonable defaults that are easy to customize. In this course, Java and Tomcat wizard Marty Kalin will show you everything you need to know to get Tomcat up and running.

* Learn to install, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot the Tomcat web server
* Understand how to publish Java web apps using the Tomcat web server
* Gain real-life experience with hands-on installation and web app deployment exercises
* Learn about web app types, concurrency issues, and how to troubleshoot deployed web apps
* Master methods for mitigating Tomcat web server security concerns
* Explore advanced topics like remote monitoring, virtual hosting, and CGI

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