Julien Blanc - TenGame: Exercises [REDUCED] [7 MP4]
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the KEY to unlocking your inner reality, it's the only way to change your perception and re-shift your focus back on the being.

TenGame opens the do to a new state of BEING... a state of KNOWING.
TenGame creates the room you need f the "being" to come out.
This is what you need to get you to the next level...
This is what will push you into a new reality...
This is the key... to unlock the do... to the new you.
Exercises = Internalizing the ce concepts
In addition to the 10 Laws, we have included exercises that will push you to internalize the ce concepts.
"Knowing" doesn't help you when you are terrified to go out in the first place...
"Knowing" won't save you in the middle of a sticky situation...
"Knowing" isn't enough to get you to truly UNDERSTAND.
You have to transition from the "knowing" to the "being"
Stop finding comft in content...
Stop finding comft in doing...
Start finding comft in being...
Free yourself from the mindless decision making...
Table of Contents:
Exercise 1 - Communicate ClearlyExercise 2 - Talk non-stop f 2 minutesExercise 3 - Eliminate all filters
Exercise 4 - Be me expressive
Exercise 5 - Wd associate
Exercise 6 - Draw state from within
Exercise 7 - Remain grounded

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