Judith Tintinalli - Tintinallis Emergency Medicine
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Genre: eLearning Video / Medicine
Includes Companion DVD with 17 additional chapters. A British Medical Association Book Awards WINNER, Surgery category!

"Collectively, they have once again produced an excellent text that manages to cover the broad scope of emergency medicine while remaining an easily readable and practical resource....Last, for the inevitable comparison of this current edition of Tintinallis Emergency Medicine with other available emergency medicine textbooks available: in my opinion, Tintinallis still comes out on top. It is more concise and easier to read than some, yet it covers the breadth of emergency medicine practice more comprehensively than others. The bottom line is that I like this book. Just as previous editions did, the seventh presents all of the most pertinent and up-to-date information in a well-organized format that is comprehensive yet easy to read. That and many of the attractive new features in this current edition will ensure its place on my bookshelf for years to come."-JAMA

With 418 contributors representing over 120 medical centers around the world, Tintinallis Emergency Medicine is the most practical and clinically rigorous reference of its kind. It covers everything from prehospital care, disaster preparedness, and basic resuscitative techniques, to all the major diseases requiring emergency treatment, such as pulmonary emergencies, renal and GU disorders, and hemophilia. This authoritative, in-depth coverage makes this classic text indispensible not only in emergency departments, but also for residents and practitioners when studying or preparing for any exam they may face.

While continuing to provide the most current information for acute conditions, the Seventh Edition of Tintinallis Emergency Medicine has been substantially revised and updated to cover all of the conditions for which patients seek emergency department care in a concise and easy-to-read-manner.

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