Introduction to JavaScript & jQuery
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Karl Swedberg, author of Learning jQuery and the jQuery API Documentation (, teaches you what you need to know about the JavaScript language before diving into jQuery; including closures, anonymous functions, and implicit versus explicit iteration. If you missed out on a formal education on pure JavaScript, this workshop will help get you up to speed on the language.


jQuery & History of DOM Scripting 24m 45s
01. History of jQuery
02. Benefits of jQuery
03. Core Concepts of jQuery

Developer Tools 25m 6s
01. Browser Support
02. Code Sharing
03. Developer Tools

Bare-bones JavaScript 1h 20m
01. Data Types and Variables
02. JavaScript Operators
03. Loops
04. Functions and Arguments
05. Coding Exercise
06. Named and Anonymous Functions
07. Objects
08. Additional Object Examples
09. jQuery and JavaScript Loading
10. JavaScript Loading and Execution Tips

jQuery Selectors and Traversal 1h 4m
01. Find Something
02. Traversal Methods Up, Sideways, and Down
03. Traversal Methods Filtering
04. Demonstration of Traversal Methods
05. Chaining
06. Looping
07. jQuery Selecting Tips

Q&A 20m 35s
Open Questions with Karl