Hedge Fund Macro Stock Trading Part I
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Learn The Art Of Trading Stocks Like Professional Hedge Fund Traders
Are you tired of following useless strategies which bust your account? Are you tired of marketers who use cheap marketing to sell you strategies which do not work?
The problem in this industry is that most of the content which you find online simply does not work in practice. People get promised with too good to be true figures which completely distort them from what is actually going on and they divert from the main goal which is too understand how the market works as a whole
You find all these traders arguing on forums about a certain discipline of technical analysis which could work however they are missing out on the other pieces of the puzzle which if not known will simply lead to failure
If you don't get it you won't hack it. And that is the main purpose of this course. It is to show traders worldwide that there is a much bigger picture and play in the market than an intraday chart.
Macro trading is one of the most secretive disciplines in the financial market world. Its kept secret for a reason and those who are keeping it secret understand exactly why.
This course is an introduction to macro trading and the macro world as a whole. It covers a framework which will empower you as an investor or trader to make more financially sound decisions when it comes to financial markets.
It starts out by providing you with a investing framework which professional hedge fund traders use in order to achieve consistent profitability in investing. It than moves on to cover a variety of macroeconomic tools which correlate with financial markets and this allows you to construct a perspective on what to do and when. Its all based on the historical cycle of the stock market which has been present in the stock market since its inception hundreds of years ago