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Ready to make Ableton Live 9 come alive? Well, Scottie Dugan explains how, showcasing Live's awesome built-in dynamics and EQ processors. Compression and EQ are the most commonly used effects for making your tracks and productions shine, so let Scottie demystify them and show you them all in action!

Scottie begins with an introduction to compression and what it is, before getting right down to business with the Glue Compressor. Watch as Scottie demystifies all the presets and parameters of the Glue Compressor including the Threshold, Attack, Release, Ratio and Make-Up Gain, Range, Dry/Wet Mix, Clip and Auto Release. Next up is Compressor. Scottie looks at the Compressor's presets and interface, as well as additional features such as Modes, (Peak, RMS and Expand) the Envelope Followers, (Lin and Log) Knee and Lookahead.

Moving on, Scottie gets down and dirty with Multiband Dynamics and the four different types of dynamic processing that are available. Taking a close look at the interface, Scottie also uses examples to show what the differnt types of processing can do in a mix. After a close look at the sidechain feature available in all the compressors, Scottie wraps up the compression chapter by exploring the roll of each of the compressors in the mastering process, and how a Limiter is really just a special kind of compressor.

Live 9's EQs are now revealed, and Scottie begins with an overview of the EQ Eight, taking a look at the presets and the interface. Scottie then looks closer at EQ Eight's filters, exploring the Frequency, Gain and Resonance parameters, as well as the Adaptive Q and Multi Filter.

The different mode types you can work in while using the EQ Eight are then focused on including Stereo, L/R and M/S. After utilizing Audition Mode, Scottie takes a closer look at the EQ Eights interface, including the Analyze in the Main View function, Scale, Global Gain and Oversampling features.

Scottie wraps up the EQ chapter with an in-depth look at the EQ Three. Watch as Scottie explains the EQ Three's filters, parameters and crossover section before using the analyzer to visually see what the EQ Three is doing. Scottie even demonstrates how a DJ might utilize the EQ Three.

If you use Live 9, you owe it to yourself to get the most out of it. Live 9's dynamics and EQs are top notch sonic tools, so knowing how to use them to their fullest potential will only help your tracks and productions... Watch "Live 9 Compressors & EQs In Action" today.
Product Hightlights

15 Tutorials / 1 Hr 30 Min Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate Ableton Live 9 users
Tutorials written by Ableton Certified Trainer Scottie Dugan
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod


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