GoRails - Training for Ruby on Rails developers (2016)
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Genre: Video Tutorial / Ruby on Rails, Web Development, Back-End, Web Apps
Become a better developer by learning how others approach and solve problems. The guidance you need to become a Senior Engineer.


1 environment variables
2 ruby version managers
3 rails application structure
4 the params hash
5 sending data between controllers and views
6 named scopes with activerecord merge
7 styling with bootstrap sass
8 debugging with better errors
9 pretty urls with friendly id
10 pagination with will paginate
11 file uploading with carrierwave
12 user authentication with devise
13 keeping track with annotate
14 sending emails with mandrill
15 understanding semantic versioning
16 button loading animations with jquery ujs
17 jquery ujs and ajax
18 jquery ujs callbacks
19 a look into routing
20 authorization with cancancan
21 rails 4 2 introduction
22 authorization with pundit
23 consuming an api using httparty and creating a gem
24 liking posts
25 forum architecture
26 forum routes
27 forum nested attributes and fields for
28 forum div_for
29 forum notification emails and previews
30 forum search with ransack
31 forum time zones with local_time
32 markdown emoji with html pipeline gem
33 omniauth twitter sign in
34 forms with multiple submit buttons
35 api tokens with devise token authenticatable
36 comments with polymorphic associations
37 file uploads with refile
38 upload progress with refile javascript
39 refactoring controller methods
40 fragment caching and oembed
41 soft delete with paranoia
42 making a soft deletable module
43 intro to importing from csv
44 upload csv form
45 export to csv
46 refactoring csv uploads with activemodel model
47 multitenancy with apartment
48 subdomains and multi tenancy from scratch
49 newsletter sign up form with country_select
50 refactor rails with ruby service objects
51 pdf receipts
52 refactoring with the null object pattern
53 how to setup vagrant for rails development
54 debugging performance problems in your views
55 my development environment for ruby on rails
56 refactoring your jquery code with objects in coffeescript
57 including third party javascript libraries with rails
58 clean javascript code using data behavior on the frontend
59 how to create a gem for frontend javascript and css libraries
60 basic auth and rss feeds
61 rails assets
62 open source vlog day 1 where do we even start
63 open source vlog day 2 housekeeping and merging pull requests
64 open source vlog day 3 settimg up rspec
65 open source vlog day 4 setting up for the future
66 open source vlog day 5 just deleting things
67 open source vlog day 6 building a calendar from scratch
68 open source vlog day 7 refactoring our calendar
69 open source vlog day 8 filtering events
70 activity feed from scratch
71 pair programming on rails scopes
72 open source vlog finding a balance between ruby and erb
73 open source vlog simple and clean rubygem with rails engines
74 elegant refactoring for week and month calendars
75 rails 5 actioncable and websockets introduction
76 refactoring events and uploading version 2.0
77 open source vlog rails generators
78 at mentions autocomplete notifications and links
79 open source vlog sorting calendar events
80 redirect to current page after login
81 open source vlog writing rspec tests
82 usability and video autoplay with wistia
83 using purchased themes with rails
84 what is a state machine
85 the state machine gem
86 scheduling posts
87 scheduled cron jobs with the whenever gem
88 using bootstrap 4 rubygem with rails
89 advanced search autocomplete and suggestions with elasticsearch and the searchkick gem
90 subscriptions with stripe
91 adding stripe update card form cancel and resubscribe
92 contributing to open source fixing a bug in devise
93 using webhooks with stripe
94 admin interfaces with administrate
95 background workers with activejob and sidekiq
96 in app navbar notifications
97 integrating braintree and paypal
98 virtual attributes and rails 5 attribute api
99 metaprogramming virtual attributes
100 sharing data with javascript
101 sharemeow
102 deploying to production on heroku with puma
103 how to deploy actioncable and rails 5 to production
104 deploying sidekiq to heroku
105 in app messages between users
106 mitigating spammers with recaptcha
107 how to upgrade to turbolinks 5
108 advanced messaging with mailboxer mark as read
109 advanced mailboxer multiple user conversations
110 advanced messaging with mailboxer adding attachments
111 memoization
112 upgrading simple_calendar for rails 5
113 gorails performance the techniques i use
114 russian doll caching with rails 5
115 advanced caching with user permissions and authorization
116 turbolinks 5 forms for mobile
117 sentiment analysis with the sentimental gem
118 repost retweet reblog
119 improving query performance with database indexes
120 inviting users with devise_invitable
121 custom will_paginate methods
122 message templates
123 wrapping business logic with plain old ruby objects
124 improving in app notifications
125 real time notifications with actioncable
126 how actioncable uses redis
127 solving fizzbuzz in ruby
129 group chat with actioncable part 1
130 group chat with actioncable part 2
131 group chat with actioncable part 3
132 group chat with actioncable part 4
133 group chat with actioncable part 5
134 sending emails with smtp and sendgrid
135 group chat with actioncable part 6
136 group chat with actioncable part 7
137 multi user spreadsheets with actioncable part 1
138 multi user spreadsheets with actioncable part 2
139 multi user spreadsheets with actioncable part 3
140 multi user spreadsheets with actioncable part 4
141 multi user spreadsheets with actioncable part 5
142 file uploads in rails with shrine
143 direct messages in realtime with actioncable
144 direct file uploads to s3 part 1
145 direct file uploads to s3 part 2
146 direct file uploads to s3 part 3
147 electronic signatures with the docusign api
148 receiving webhooks in development with ngrok and docusign
149 protecting from xss with sanitize
150 shrine backgrounding and video transcoding
151 organizing your asset pipeline in development for speed
152 adding turbolinks compatibility to simplemde markdown editor
153 why ember
154 your first ember app
155 connecting ember with the rails api
156 user interaction with ember
157 ember features and where to find them
158 recurring events with the ice cube gem

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