Earn A+ Grades in College or University
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A Professor Shows How to Succeed

Are you about to start college or university and wondering how to get off to a good start? Or are you a current student looking to push yourself to a higher level?

This course presents proven techniques and behaviours of successful college and university students. Do these things correctly to increase your potential.

I'm Dr. Duncan Koerber, and I've taught at the university level for over ten years. I've worked with thousands of students. I know what factors contribute to school success. Take this course to see what I see. What's going right - and wrong - in today's classrooms?

Effective students are setting themselves up for success every single day. Ineffective students are defeating themselves.

The course moves logically through important topics such as:

Picking the right school and program
Classroom behavior to maximize understanding
Note-taking skills that reinforce memory
Avoiding distractions
Study tips to avoid cramming

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