Dream Job 2019: Create A Resume And Cover Letter Like A Pro
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The Most Complete Guide You'll Ever Need To Write A Job Winning Resume And Cover Letter

What you'll learn

Learn How Create A Job Winning Resume That Will Help You Land Interviews
Learn How To Become Part Of The Top 25% Of Job Seekers By Creating A Resume That Will Beat The ATS
Learn How To Write A Resume That Is Good Enough For Fortune 500 Companies
Learn How To Write A Cover Letter That Will Convince The Recruiter To Contact You For An Interview
Learn The Structure Of A Job Winning Cover Letter And See Real Life Examples
Learn How To Create Job Winning Resumes And Cover Letters Through Practical Examples And Case Studies
Learn The Common Mistakes Made On Resumes And Cover Letters
Learn How To Write Resumes And Cover Letters Like A Pro
Learn Tips On What To Do After You Write Your Resume And Cover Letter (LinkedIN, Personal Branding and Networking)


Willingness To Apply All You've Learned
Dedication And Hard Work
Hunger To Land Your Ideal Job


This is the most complete course you'll find out there, that guides you through each and every step of writing a job winning resume and cover letter. The course combines the hiring manager's perspective, the job seeker's perspective and the career expert's perspective.
You don't need to be sending hundreds of resumes and cover letters with zero replies.

You don't need to endlessly search Google and use half baked advice from career guru's that have never successfully applied to jobs at top companies. You need a proven framework that has worked for me as a job seeker and for so many clients of Careerli. We do not hold back any information in this course. It is so good, that by the end of the course, you'll not only be able to write awesome resumes and cover letters for yourself, but you'll also be able to review resumes of family and friends and instantly spot areas that need improvement.

If you want to consistently be called for interviews, then you have to create resumes that can pass through the ATS. This is one of the most important parts of this course. 75% of job applications are rejected by companies even before they are read by the recruiter or hiring manager. This course shows course participants what the ATS is and how they can ensure they consistently pass through the ATS filters and become part of the top 25% of job applicants that are screened by companies. It includes a case study of a job applicant trying to get into Google and also mentions resources that course participants can use to beat the ATS. A framework is also given in which course participants can use all the time to ensure they increase their chances of passing through the ATS.

Here Are The Topics Covered In The Course:

Shifting the mindset - Learn how the top 10% of job seekers think and how to position yourself to companies.

Laying the foundation - Learn how the best job applicants prepare before they start creating their Resumes,Cover Letters, LinkedIN Etc

Resume Formats - Learn about the 3 types of resumes and learn which one is appropriate to use based on your professional profile.

Results- Oriented Resume - Learn how to write resumes that impress the hiring manager, learn how to write statements that are results focused and free of jargons and fluffs

Resume Sections - Learn in depth on how to write the: contact section, summary section, skills section, work experience section, education section, accomplishments section, Other Interesting Information Section Etc

Think Like A Recruiter -Learn how you can think like a recruiter and explore their thought process so that you can create resumes that will impress them

Action Words - Learn how to inject life and impact into your resume by adding action words to your statements.

Formatting - A poorly formatted resume is likely going to be tossed out and thrown in the trash. Learn how to properly format your resume.

How To Beat The ATS - 75% of resumes never reach the hiring managers desk. Why? Because the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) filters out 75% of resumes and only 25% of resumes are submitted to the hiring manager. You'll learn how your resume can be part of the 25% that is read by the hiring manager.

How To Write The Perfect Resume - You'll learn how to polish your resume once you're done writing, so that it becomes a work of art. The following will be covered; how to ensure your resume is free of errors, how to ensure your resume is tailored for each job you're applying for, making sure you have complete information, adding relevant keywords to your resume, making sure your resume is easy to read, you'll learn how to avoid some common grammatical errors found in some resumes.

Cover Letter

This course teaches you how to write cover letters that are short, simple and impactful. By the end of the course, you'll learn how to write cover letters that will make you memorable and help you stand out from the crowd. You'll see the exact cover letter i wrote as part of my Google application, which got me an interview for roles that were more senior than my level at that time.
I provide the framework, I used, to create the cover letter, and then analyze the cover letter and show what makes it stand out from other cover letters, and why it is memorable and effective.

In Addition, Course participants gain insights into a case study for a person that is trying to get into a marketing role at Apple in the UAE. They are provided with steps to take in order to create a cover letter for this person and finally they get to see the cover letter the I created for him.

Finally, we look at a real-life example of a before and an after Cover letter of an MBA graduate of a top business school in the world who is applying for a finance role at one of the biggest banks in the world.


This is the final part of the course. Students are taught what to do after they create a job winning cover letter and resume. Four pillars are explained and each pillar is briefly explained.

The four pillars:

1. LinkedIn - Students are given an overview of best practices for job seeking using LinkedIn. The whole aim of the module is to help course participants to stand out from the crowd. Using their previous knowledge from the resume/CV course, students are advised on how to make the best use of LinkedIn.

2. Other Job Search Platforms - students are briefly taught about other job search platforms that they can explore in order to end the best jobs

3. Networking - Course Participants are briefly taught about the fundamentals of networking and how they can network in order to land ideal jobs

4. Clear Job Search Strategy - Course participants are taught how to bring everything together in order to beat the competition and land their dream jobs. They are also taught briefly on personal branding and how to market themselves effectively to companies by figuring out what makes them unique.

Who this course is for:

This course is suitable for anyone that wants to land a job and stand out from the crowd
This course is suitable for anyone that wants to learn everything about writing job winning resumes and cover letters

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