CBT Nuggets - CPD200: Developing Solutions for Google Cloud Platform

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CPD200 is a developer-focused look at Google's expansive Cloud Platform suite of tools and technologies. This course covers the deployment of enterprise-class, highly scalable applications on GCP. The focus is on Google's App Engine product, a Platform-as-a-Service inside of GCP, but also touches on Google Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Datastore, Cloud Shell, and Source Repository.

1. Welcome to Developing Solutions for Google Cloud Platform!
2. GCP Services for Developers
3. Google Cloud Project Examples
4. Hands-on Lab: Register for a Free Trial and Create Your First Project
5. Hands-on Lab: Your First App Engine App (Python)
6. Hands-on Lab: Your First App Engine App (Java)
7. Google App Engine: Routing
8. Google App Engine: Modules
9. Hands-on Lab: Modules (Python)
10. Hands-on Lab: Modules (Java)
11. Google App Engine: Endpoints
12. Hands-on Lab: Endpoints (Python)
13. Hands-on Lab: Endpoints (Java)
14. Google App Engine: User Authentication
15. Hands-on Lab: User Authentication (Python)
16. Hands-on Lab: User Authentication (Java)
17. Hands-on Lab: Managing Applications (Python)
18. Hands-on Lab: Managing Applications (Java)
19. Google Datastore: Cloud Storage Options
20. Google Datastore: Creating and Updating Entities (Python)
21. Google Datastore: Creating and Updating Entities (Java)
22. Google Datastore: Querying Entities (Python)
23. Google Datastore: Querying Entities (Java)
24. Google Datastore: Indexes (Python)
25. Google Datastore: Indexes (Java)
26. Google Datastore: Composite Indexes (Python)
27. Google Datastore: Composite Indexes (Java)
28. Google Datastore: Consistency and Entity Groups (Python)
29. Google Datastore: Consistency and Entity Groups (Java)
30. Google Datastore: ACID Transactions (Python)
31. Google Datastore: ACID Transactions (Java)
32. Hands-on Lab: Task Queue API (Python)
33. Hands-on Lab: Task Queue API (Java)
34. Hands-on Lab: Performance and Optimization (Python)
35. Hands-on Lab: Performance and Optimization (Java)
36. Hands-on Lab: Deleting Google Cloud Resources

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