C Programming plus Interview Preparation for 100% Placement
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Duration: 3 hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English

(The One and Only Course over the Globe of this era!)

What you'll learn

Basics Of C
plus Interview Preparation
Constants, Variables and Keywords
Hierarchy of Operations
The if Statement
The if-else Statement
Nested if-else
The Conditional Operators
The for Loop
The while Loop
The do-while Loop
Infinite Loops and many More
Different diagram or Shape like triangle, rhombus etc. solution using loop
Break ,Continue
switch Statement
switch Versus if-else Ladder
The goto Keyword
Basics of Function
Types of Functions
Passing Values between Functions
Return Type of Function
Basics of Recursion
Different Programs Based on Recursion
Basics of Pointers
Pointer Notation
Different Use cases and Programs for Pointers
Function and Pointer together
Call by Value and Call by Reference
Integers, long and short
Integers, signed and unsigned
Chars, signed and unsigned
Floats and Doubles
Storage Classes in C
Features of C Preprocessor
All about Macro
Preprocessing, Compilation, Assembling, Linking, Loading.
Introduction to Arrays
Basic Programs On Array
1D,2D,3D Array
Array and Functions
Array and Pointers
Pointer to an Array
Array of Pointers
Introduction to Strings
Basic Programs On Strings
Different String Functions
Pointers and Strings
Introduction to Structure
Declaring a Structure
Accessing Structure Elements
Basic Programs On Structure
Array of Structures
Introduction to Union
Difference Between Structure and Union
Programs on Union
Bitwise Operators
Right Shift Operator
Left Shift Operator
Interview Preparation




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Not only you will learn C, but also you will fully get ready to crack any JOB Interview.

Also You will able to solve the most complex Problems in C.

For More watch the free demo video available to understand more about Course!

Who this course is for:

C Progammer
C Programming

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