Big Picture: SharePoint 2016 On-prem, Online, or Hybrid?
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With each model of SharePoint, it becomes more difficult to choose which model will work for you. This course will help you learn the necessary components and reasons behind picking the right implementation model of SharePoint for your business.

As time goes on, each of the SharePoint implementation models seems to get more complex, making it difficult to know which model will work now and, more importantly, in the future. In this course, Big Picture: SharePoint 2016 On-prem, Online, or Hybrid?, you will go through each of the SharePoint implementation models in depth. First, you will learn what the different implementation models are and get a good high-level understanding of the differences of each model. Next, you'll learn what it's like managing SharePoint Online, and the additional features companies get with SharePoint Online, as well as covering, in depth, the SharPoint On-premises implementation model and the resources and considerations to take into account. Finally, will learn about SharePoint Hybrid and how this can give you the best of both SharePoint Online and On-premises and see some real world examples of SharePoint Hybrid and what it's like to be in a hybrid environment. After finishing this course, you should understand the differences between each model, along with some helpful real-world examples of when you might choose each model.

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