Architectural Interior Lighting and Rendering
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In this video tutorial from Yazan Malkosh, we explain detailed techniques for creating compelling day and night shots of a contemporary interior living space using modo. The goal is for you to gain enhanced understanding and control over how interior surfaces appear, how to light them effectively, and how to create final high-resolution images suitable for presentation to a client.

The design and diverse furnishings of this model allows us to cover a wide variety of rendering topics relevant to architectural design including water features, plants, draperies, and a variety of other surfaces including concrete, wood and leather (see accompanying images).

The interior is uplit and downlit, and also includes a lighted cabinet and a desklamp. Large windows allow natural light to enter and views to be seen through them. Both natural lighting and photometric lighting are employed along with fill lights that further enhance the mood and clarity of the final rendered images.

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