AptiWizard's Comprehensive GRE Verbal Text Completion Course
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Learn A to Z of Text Completion to improve your score on GRE Verbal!

What you'll learn

How to solve GRE's Text Completion questions
How to increase your score in GRE Verbal
How to efficiently divide your test taking time between these questions
Strategy and Pro tips used by high scorers


There are no specific requirements to start learning this topic. Student at any level of preparation can join this course. However, students do need some level of Vocabulary to solve questions. This can be learned after this course also without any issue.


Do you feel that despite having a good Vocabulary, it is difficult for you to get the Text Completion questions correct? Or do you question the myth that cramming Vocabulary is all that is required to score on GRE Verbal?!

This course will break this myth for you. Vocabulary is not all that it takes to solve Text Completion!

Welcome to AptiWizard's Comprehensive GRE Verbal Text Completion Course.

Here, you will learn the correct way of solving the Text Completion questions and the strategy used by the top scorers in an easy to understand manner.

Here is what makes this course unique for you:

2.5 hours of cutting edge instructional videos, available on demand.

Concept wise short segregated videos to help you learn a particular concept in one go.

A tried and tested trick used by top scorers to remember the steps in solving Text Completion questions.

Bonus Section- Strategy: Pro tips and strategy to solve these questions in the most efficient manner.

Solved questions where you will learn the correct approach to attempt the questions.

5 downloadable Practice questions sets which will allow you to test your understanding of the topic.

Solution videos for all the Practice question sets which will help you check your approach and thought process while solving the questions.

Who is this course for?

This course can be taken by any student appearing for GRE, irrespective of the current level of preparation. The course covers A-Z of Text Completion and hence can be used both to learn the topic for the first time and to improve the topic. I highly recommend that you go through the course once around the start of your GRE preparation and again in the next stage when you have completed all the topics once, and are taking your mock tests. This will definitely help you in increasing your Verbal score.

Who this course is for:

Students who are studying for GRE
Students looking to improve Verbal score in GRE

Download link:
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