The 96 Hour Day: Quadruple Your Free Time
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Live How You Want With More Free Time Than You'll Know What To Do With; Learn How I Effortlessly Quadrupled my Free Time

What would you do if your day was 96 hours long?

Between school, homework, sports, and sleep, the average adolescent has 2 hours of free time per day. Between The commute, eating, sleeping, and working, the average adult has 3 hours of free time per day. But what if we could quadruple that amount? What if we could enable you to go from 3 hours of free time, to 12? Or from 2, to 8! What would you do? How much different would your life be with a 300% increase in free time?

The goal of this course is to get you to say for the first time in your life "I've done everything I had to do today..what now?" Because, when you control time, and you can use your free time to start living the life YOU want to live, you've freed yourself from life's cruelest master. The ticking clock.

In this tell all course, I reveal exactly how my family and I live free from the constraints of time, and debt, and experience what is essentially a 96 hour day. I reveal how we are able to travel the world for less than most people spend on their home mortgage, what to do with your free time to get even more of it, how to increase your productivity, and what to teach your kids to guarantee success in their life.

This course can truly be described as a guide to life. In it, we take you through everything, from planning your wedding, to what street meals cost in Thailand. And the best part is, it all fits and ties into making you live the best possible life, free from the constraints of the minute hand.

To make it as enjoyable of an experience as possible, we've hired professional voice overs, editors, and video experts to bring you life altering information, in an easy to digest and hear manner, and it's all come together beautifully in a course that we're very proud of and we know you'll love.

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