10x Software Development
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Instructor: Earl Beede

How do you maximize team productivity? Decades of research have found at least a ten-fold-"10x"-difference in productivity and quality between the best teams and the worst teams. Fully updated in a second edition, this course describes the 8 Key Principles that effective software development teams follow to achieve 10x software development:

Avoid minus-x software development
Set direction
Attack uncertainty
Tailor the solution to the problem
Seek ground truth
Make decisions with data
Minimize unintentional rework
Grow capability

The course also includes multiple example tactics aligned to each principle that your team can use to improve its practices.

Certification Information
4 PDU's

After you complete this course you will be able to:

Name the classic mistakes your team is making
Identify the development fundamentals you need to grow
Make decisions that will stick

After your team completes this course, you will be able to:

Confirm that you are all aligned on the project's objectives
Match your development lifecycle to your work rather than the other way around
Apply risk management appropriately
Plan the right kind of early defect detection
Review and enhance your feedback loops
See the "Course" tab for the course's detailed outline.

Who Is This Course For?
Getting to 10x software development is primarily a leadership activity, so this course is most appropriate for Managers, Technical Leads, Quality Leads, and Project Managers. This course also gives individual contributors (including Developers and Testers) a common language or frame of reference for working with their leaders to make strides toward 10x development.

This course includes:

A 120-page workbook with detailed information describing all of the principles and tactics covered by the course, plus case studies and activities designed to help you master the tactics
A detailed essay by Steve McConnell describing the body of research that supports the existence of the 10x phenomenon
"Software Development's Classic Mistakes" white paper (related to "Tactic #1: Eliminate Classic Mistakes" in "Principle #1: Avoid Minus-x Software Development")
"Software Development's Cone of Uncertainty" white paper (related to "Tactic #1: Acknowledge Inherent Uncertainty" in "Principle #3: Attack Uncertainty")
"Managing Technical Debt" white paper (related to "Tactic #1: Use Comprehensive Data Sources" in "Principle #6: Make Decisions with Data")
"Professional Development Ladder" white paper (related to "Tactic #2: Promote Professional Development" in "Principle #8: Grow Capability")

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