Product Name:Ultrasonic Generator For Vibro Sieve
Product Description:
Characteristics of Ultrasonic Generator for Vibro Sieve
The purpose of vibrating screen is to repeatedly introduce particles into the gap of the screen. The frequency of the screen must be high enough to prevent particles from blocking the hole, and when the screen surface is at the lowest point, the maximum height of the particle trajectory should appear. Based on this principle, there is an optimal vibration frequency and amplitude.

Transmittance refers to the fraction of particles required to pass through the sieve. At low frequency, the screening efficiency is high, but the blind method is serious. With the increase of frequency, blindness will decrease, but particles will be difficult to pass through the hole. When designing high-frequency vibrating screen, the best point of frequency and amplitude must be selected according to the specific application.
Separation efficiency
The separation efficiency is only a comparison between the amount of material removed by the screen and the theoretical amount that should be removed. The screening efficiency can be obtained by using different formulas, which depends on whether the required product comes from the passing part of the sieve or the lower part of the sieve.
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