TotalSpaces 2.6.13 MacOSX

TotalSpaces 2.6.13 MacOSX | 9.47 MB

TotalSpaces2 provides a grid of spaces on your Mac. An easy to use 2D grid of desktops. Navigate using the cursor keys (by default together with SHIFT-ALT), choose your transitions, and quickly access a birds eye view of your grid of spaces where you can manage your application windows.

You can even give your spaces names.
One of the most useful features of TotalSpaces2 is that it allows you to assign certain applications to particular Spaces. This means that if you have a 3x3 grid, you can ensure that your Twitter client is always in the top left space and that your email client is always in the middle right.
Switching between applications using Command Tab, by default, displays the applications in the order they have been most recently used. this means that your email client may require a different number of Tab presses each time you switch to it. By using TotalSpaces2 to assign it to a specific position in a grid, you can rapidly and reliably switch to it at will.
TotalSpaces2 is especially useful on smaller screened devices, such as the MacBook Air line. On larger screens it is possible to display two programs side by side, however, on 13" and smaller screens, things become very cramped if you try this.
Manage your desktops: Display an overview of desktops and drag windows between them.
Define your grid: Navigate left, right, up and down between your desktops.
Choose your transitions: Fully customizable transitions and hotkeys.
Swipe between desktops: Moving around your grid has never been easier.
Hotcorners: Trigger the overview grid just by moving your mouse.
App assignments: Keep your apps where you want them. Assign apps to desktops.
• This upgrade requires SIP to be temporarily disabled
TotalSpaces2 cannot run without being able to upgrade its system component. Please make sure you have time to do this before accepting this upgrade.
: If you already have SIP disabled, please just upgrade as normal, this process is not required.
• Added support for MacOS 10.13 High Sierra.
• Prevented changing space when Mission Control is active which caused display issues.
• Improved handling of desktop in Single desktop Expose.
• Fixed crash when not using displays have separate desktops mode.
Intel, 64-bit processor OS X 10.9 or later