BMW DIS V57 VMware English | 998 MB
This is the diagnostic software kit that you need to reset all of those service alerts, investigate running problems or those niggling little faults and sensor failures which throw error codes and light the engine management light. For the more adventerous, it also allows coding, programming and detailed investigation into the electronic control and ECU's used within Bmw and Mini vehicles all over the world.

Bmw Dis V57 and SSS V32 Progman is an extremely powerful and comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools for servicing, diagnosing and programming all European and U.S Specification Bmw and MiniVehicles equipped with 20 pin 'ADS', OBDII and D-Can style diagnostic interfaces.
This is exactly the same Diagnostic system as is used by the Bmw Factories and within Bmw dealerships and will give the private Bmw owner exactly the same level of diagnostic and programming capability for their own Bmw vehicle.
Conveniently packaged as an easy to install software set supplied on DVD's this Bmw Dis V57 and Progman SSS V32 software will install on any laptop of PC which is running Windows 98, Windows Xp, Windows 2000, Windows Vista (32 bit) and even Windows 7 (32 bit).
This package comes complete with full, easy to follow installation instructions, to enable operation of the diagnostic software with three of the most popular BMW Interfaces, namely Bmw ADS (20 pin round connector), Bmw OBDII Connector and the newer D-Can equipped vehicles (interfaces are NOT supplied and must be purchased separately).
Click Here for details of suitable BMW Interfaces for connecting this software to your vehicle.
Bmw Dis V57 - Used for the Diagnosing, reading and clearing of faults and error codes
Bmw Progman SSS V32 - Used for programming and coding the various control modules inside the Bmw and Mini vehicle
If you found this page by searching for Bmw Dis V57, then you will probably already know what the Dis V57 and Progman sss V32 software is capable of and the features and programming which will become available to you, once it is installed and a suitable OBD / D-Can interface is connected. In short, this software will enable you to access and carry out all of those jobs and programming which would normally require a trip to the Bmw Dealer and the cost which that entails.
However, for those Bmw owners who are not familiar with Bmw Dis V57, then the features of this, and its partner SSS V32 Progman are detailed below.
BMW 1 SERIES E81, E82, E87, E88
BMW 3 SERIES E30, E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, E93
BMW 5 SERIES E28, E34, E39, E60, E61
BMW 6 SERIES E24, E63, E64
BMW 7 SERIES E22, E32, E38, E65
BMW X3 - E83
Bmw X5 E53,
Bmw X5 - E70,
Bmw X6 - E71
BMW Z1 - E30,
Bmw Z3 - E36,
Bmw Z4 - E85 / E86 / E89,
Bmw Z8 - E52
MINI R50 / R52 / R53 / R55 / R56 / R57
Bmw Dis V57 and SSS (Software Service Station) V32 Features
Read fault codes
Erase fault codes
Code and re-program modules
Code ECU (things like seat memory to key, beep after locking etc etc )
Live data streaming,
Code new injectors
Specific part tests ( like individual parking sensors )
Clear / Reset Adaption Settings
The list of options is almost endless, and you can pretty much do everything the Bmw dealership can.
Not only will BMW Dis V57 and Progman SSS V32 allow you to pinpoint any problems and errors within your Bmw or Mini vehicle but it will also enable you to change, set up and adjust various special functions and comfort controls on certain models of BMW and Mini vehicles, including power window controls, headlamp options, rain sensor adjustment, selective central locking, alarm and immobiliser control and coding, central locking functions.
For the more technical operator this software also allows replacement / salvaged modules to be recoded to the original vehicle VIN / Chassis number, meaning that replacing broken control modules and dashboards becomes within the scope of the average home DIY mechanic or small commercial operator.
When you think just how much it costs to get a Bmw diagnosed or error codes read out at a Bmw Dealer, you will find that this Dis V57 / Progman SSS V32 package will probably pay for itself, the very first time that it is used (or needed!)
Two Bmw Dis packages are available.
BMW Dis V57 + BMW Progman SSS V32 - £39.00
BMW Dis V57 + BMW Progman SSS V32 + BMW Tis Workshop and Parts Manual - £49.00
Both of the above packages also come bundled with the following bonus programs included free of charge.
* BMW Inpa (4.4 version)
* BMW NCS Expert and WinKFP

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