Writers Who Launch: Break Into Freelance Writing Fast
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Earn $1,000 or More a Month Within 60 Days!

Make real money as a freelance writer - even if you've never been able to before.
Taught by a freelance writer with over 15-years of experience. My work has been published in Global Traveler Magazine, The Sydney Herald, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Atlanta Weddings, The Huffington Post xoJane, The Frisky, NY Metro Parents, The LA Times, The Boston Globe and numerous other magazines, newspapers and websites.
You don't need a big blog following with loyal fans, be well-connected, or even have much talent to break into freelance writing. You also don't need dozens of clips to launch your new career to potentially command $1,000 a month as a new writer. And that's with the possibility to skyrocket your income as you gain experience. But it won't happen overnight.
All you really need is to know is exactly how to position yourself to attract paying clients who want your work.
That's exactly how I earn between $100 on up to $1,500 an assignment. I can show you the ins and outs of breaking in, navigating your way to a client's inbox and landing work.
So stop wasting your time paying dues and playing the "send and wait" game with query letters. There's a better way to launch a successful freelance writing career for magazines, websites, newspapers and more.
I've been a freelance writer for nearly 15 years and have also worked as a video editor and Multimedia Director.
And while I am persistent, none of the following worked for me in breaking into freelance writing and staying there.
I DIDN'T have connections in the publishing industry.
I DIDN'T have impeccable talent and writing skills. I didn't wait around to gather a lot of clips before breaking into markets like The LA Times.
I DIDN'T get an MFA or take a lot of writing workshops.
I DIDN'T break in with a bunch of high-end, glossy magazines. But I was also able to leverage clips in huge newspapers and big magazines in just a few short months (once I finally broke in).
It took a few years to perfect my approach, but I've gotten to a point now where I can just introduce myself and land work. And it's not just because of my clips, though I have those now. And it's not because I languished around in content mills.
There's a reason why most reasonably talented writers spend years breaking in instead of just taking command and getting there. And the ones who seem to break through early all know the same thing about why talent is underrated and action is everything.
MOST writers struggle for so long because it's completely overwhelming to know where to start and when to have enough faith to take bigger leaps into new markets. It's hard to think you can quit writing for peanuts and start landing lucrative clients to give you that flexibility and creative outlet you crave.
Are you a frustrated freelance writer who is still:
Sending out queries and waiting for weeks or months only to be rejected by a form letter?
Trying to break into tiny markets with no success?
Drowning in a sea of information with no idea how to track down the right people?
Getting advice from everyone around you - even though they've never tried to be a freelance writer? Or maybe got a few rejections and gave it up?
Wondering why "real" writers consistently come up with irresistible ideas everyone wants?
Afraid you'll never get ahead of your competition?
Let's get brutally honest. It takes a lot more than talent to break into the world of freelance writing and more importantly - stay there.
Even the most talented writers may never see their name in print without a few key steps to keep them ahead of the game. In fact, it's often less talented writers that continually land clients. What do they know that you don't?
Learn how to develop a lasting craft that includes:
Breaking into the industry without clips.
Getting quality clips from reputable businesses and publications lightning fast!
Leveraging creativity and flexibility to get ahead instead of writing talent.
Stopping the cycle of fear and rejection and using your competition to do your homework for you.
Taking advantage of rejection and turning it into a success story.
Tracking down the right people who will buy your work and learn who they really want to work with.
Leveraging your life experience for success. It matters way more than your writing talent.

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