True Facts About Gold And Silver
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Learn about investment in silver and gold and why that's important to you.

Facts about Gold & Silver: Gold is money. Silver is money.

There is a 5000 year history of gold and silver being used as money.

Gold is the anti-dollar and the dollar is the anti-gold. As the value of the dollar erodes, it takes more of them to purchase a set amount of gold (or silver).

The U.S. has been on and off of both Silver and Gold Standards numerous times. Today, the U.S. Dollar is not backed by gold, silver, or anything else. Because of this, there are consequences.

In this Facts about Gold & Silver course, you will learn about money, The Dollar, Federal Reserve notes, and fiat currency. In doing so, you will come to understand their differences, and how each relates to silver and gold.

Other topics explored include: what gives money value?, what does the constitution have to say about money?, why a stable currency is of utmost importance, and why gold is vital to our monetary system.

The Facts about Gold & Silver course consists of a series of 71 slides from a college lecture.

It should take approximately forty minutes to complete.

Take this ultimate Silver and Gold Are Real Money course right now and learn Facts about Gold & Silver.

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