SystemVerilog Verification 4: Functional Coverage Coding
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VLSI: System Verilog for verification- Start learning Functional coverage and master writing covergroups and coverpoints
This Systemverilog course teaches the concepts of coverage analysis used in SoC/ASIC Verification. This explains the complete concepts of using code coverage and functional coverage as verification a metric and teaches in detail how covergroups and covepoints can be written in Systemverilog to enable functional coverage collection. This will enable a verification Engineer to master functional coverage writing techniques which will help to do good quality verification closure of the Design Under Test.
This course is started by explaining the need for using coverage metric in verification and the idea of code coverage and functional coverage in SV. It teaches the functional coverage anatomy and explains the various forms of writing them. Different forms of coverpoints and coverage bins in a covergrop are explained in detail. Also It teaches cross coverage, coverage options and use of parameterized covergroups in depth.
By taking this course, you will be able to start enabling functional coverage in your SystemVerilog TB. This will be an excellent platform to master functional coverage coding analysis techniques in SV.