You want to produce videos, YouTube, Blogs & Co, but you dont know how?
Youre an expert for a certain topic and want to present it professionally in front of a camera?

You want to look and act good in front of a camera?
You want to save money by buying only the gear you really need?

This is your course.

Ill show you all you need to know as a beginner to start shooting talking head expert videos. Starting from scratch with the basic gear, planning, filming, editing. All in one course. This course is really focussed. I skipped all the unimportant stuff and broke video production down to the essentials.

All you need is a (smartphone-) camera, a computer to edit the footage and some cheap gear. I particularly talk about smartphones and show you, how to get the most out of an iPhone or Android smartphone (e.g. Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, ...).

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