John Reese - Traffic Secrets 2016
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Are You Ready To Drive An Ongoing Stampede Of High Quality Laser-Targeted Leads & New Customers To Your Web Site? If You Answered "YES!" Then You Need To Join Us. "TRAFFIC SECRETS 2016" 6-Week Intensive Online Class Value $1997

6-Week Intensive Online Class
* This is the first-time ever this new class is being taught.

(24) Master Traffic-Getting Modules
(250+) Video "How-To" Lessons
Blueprints, Cheatsheets, Checklists!
Software Tools & Scripts
Interactive Quizzes & Tests
Gamification Badges & Awards
And Much, Much More!

Who Is This Ground-Breaking Traffic Class For?
- Beginners & Advanced Marketers
- New & Existing Entrepreneurs
- Business Coaches
- Marketing Consultants
- Affiliate Marketers
- Online Store Owners
- InfoProduct Sellers
- Life Coaches
- Authors
- SAAS Developers
- And Many More!

Master Traffic-Getting Modules:

1. The Foundation
We'll start by helping you establish a solid foundation for generating a lot of highly-targeted traffic, tracking the traffic, and having the right tools in place to optimize & scale that traffic.
You'll learn what tools & resources to use, as well as some tips, tricks, and techniques for your ads, content, Social Media, and overall marketing so you can maximize click-rates & conversions and minimize costs!

2. Spying On Your Competitors
Discover the power behind uncovering your competitors' best converting keywords, winning ads, top Google-ranking techniques, and more!
You'll learn about several valuable "spy tools" you can use immediately along with other techniques for finding where the profits are being made in your market.
Save hundreds of hours of your time and thousands of dollars in "ad testing" by learning how to pinpoint how your competitors are generating traffic, leads, and sales.
Many of your competitors have already figured out exactly what works and what doesn't in your market, so take a shortcut and "copy & paste" many of their findings for your own business!

3. Market Discovery
Learn how to completely 'dissect' your Target Market. This will help you generate maximum traffic, as well as sales, from the most ideal prospects & customers for your business.
You'll figure out their demographics, interests, and more. Where they buy, how they buy, and what they want to buy next.
Lower your traffic costs & maximize your conversion rates by laser-targeting the people you want to reach for your business. This knowledge is essential for your overall traffic-generation efforts and revenue growth.
This is a critical skill that most online marketers are missing.

4. Copywriting Secrets
You'll learn how to write words that get higher clicks, conversions, and sales! This is a valuable skill, and you'll learn the ins & out of how to apply it online so you can create higher-performing ads, more effective Google rankings, Social Media 'viral effects' and more!
Increase your click-through rates so you'll pay less per visitor (making you more profit) as well as increase your exposure across Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more. "Engagement" is now critical on those sites, and learning the art of copywriting is how to win the game!

5. Keyword Science
Keywords are critical for Digital Marketing success. Learn how to find what people are searching in Google (and on other sites) related to your business and your Target Market.
You'll discover the secrets for finding the best keywords that can turn into sales for your business, as well as 'untapped' keywords that are easy to get top rankings in Google for right away.
By mastering the science behind keywords & search queries online, you'll know exactly what to build your ads around, create content for, and structure all of your marketing around.

6. Email Marketing Tactics
Learn one of the most powerful, and profitable, marketing methods in the world today. This isn't spam! This is permission-based email marketing where your leads & customers want to hear
from you. Discover how to leverage the power of email to get your marketing messages directly into the inbox of massive amounts of people!
You'll learn proven methods for leveraging Email Marketing to drive more traffic, leads, and sales to your business.
This one module alone would make for a valuable course by itself.

07. Borrowing Traffic
You'll learn how to get web sites all over the Internet to send you traffic that you don't have to pay for until AFTER that traffic has converted into a sale! It's an incredibly powerful low-risk way to grow your business.
Many companies generate millions of dollars per year in sales generated from their "Affiliate Program."
Learn powerful secrets behind setting up your own successful Affiliate Program, as well as discover how to 'borrow' traffic from others through Joint Ventures and Product Launch campaigns.

8. Shopping Engines & Amazon
Discover how to generate tons of new customers from 'shopping engines' and the Largest eCommerce Site online,
You'll learn many tricks for getting your products listed in these engines, and how to drive a steady flow of buyers for your products.
You can also buy tons of exposure in these high-traffic shopping directories and generate visitors to your site for pennies per click!

9. Traffic Formulas
Ever notice that certain ads seem to "follow you" around the Internet as you jump from site to site? These are retargeting ads and they've become one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your web site.
Discover how to use the power of 'retargeting' to get your marketing in front of visitors that may have visited your site but left! You can use retargeting to get them to come back and turn them into hot leads & new cash-paying customers.

10. Buying Media & Sponsorships
Ready to GO BIG with your online ? You'll learn how to tap into the largest ad networks on the Internet. These networks handle BILLIONS of ad impressions a day!
Find out how to have your ads running across some of the world's most popular sites like CNN, Fox News, Weather Channel, ESPN, E Online, and tens of thousands of other high-traffic web sites across the Web.
You'll learn techniques & methods for running all kinds of ads online - banners, buttons, text ads, sponsorships, interstitials, pre-roll video ads, and more! Reach more people in ONE DAY than you could with a massive TV campaign.

11. Google AdWords Mastery
Learn how to master the world's largest Pay-Per-Click search engine system. Google generates more than $100 MILLION PER DAY with their AdWords platform.
You'll discover the ins & outs of how to create effective ads, proper bidding, and Google Adwords campaign management.
You'll also discover how to get a high "Quality Score" for your landing pages (and why it's critical for traffic & profit maximization) and many more tricks & techniques for the world's largest keyword-driven ad system.
Many businesses generate a large percentage of their revenue from Google AdWords. It's something you must absolutely know to master if you more leads & customers for your business immediately.
You can drive tons of laser-targeted traffic the moment you learn this one module.

12. Podcasts & Broadcasts
Learn how to build your own mini Media Empire! This is a fantastic way to reach tons of new leads & customers for your business.
Drive lots of traffic with a pre-recorded "podcast" and also learn how to leverage cutting-edge LIVE media services (audio & video) to expand your business.
You'll also learn how to tap into Apple's massive iTunes Podcast Directory (accessible on every iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and more!) as well as how-to have others create/run/manage your podcast or broadcasting efforts for you!

13. Mobile App Marketing
Discover the MASSIVE world of Mobile Apps and how to tap into to drive traffic to your web site or email list.
Billions upon billions of Mobile App 'screens' are viewed everyday, and this is a powerful customer-universe for you to use to grow your business.
Learn the ins & outs of App Store ranking secrets, as well as proven techniques for utilizing free (or paid) Mobile Apps to grow your email list or generate more buyers. You'll also learn how to easily pay others to create apps for you.

14. Software & Widgets
Mobile Apps aren't the only great 'software' resource for driving targeting traffic to your web site. You can also tap into Web-based services, desktop plug-ins, browser toolbars, and widgets.
You'll learn how to attract new leads & customers for your business by tapping into the massive world of online software & services, as well as the Facebook App Platform.