Emotional Intelligence Coaching
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Learn to enhance your coaching skills and capabilities using emotional intelligence

What you'll learn

Develop your coaching and your emotional intelligence skills
Identify how coaching with emotional intelligence can lead to better outcomes with people
Determine how people would benefit from a coaching approach in a variety of circumstances
Enhance your leadership capabilities through the application of emotional intelligence
Use conversational techniques to build rapport and empathy
Work with other's motivation to achieve a higher level of performance
Engage with people at a deeper level


You should have an interest and understanding of coaching and emotional intelligence but no prior knowledge and experience is needed to benefit from the course
An interest in how interactions with other people work and how to build them more effectively
Keenness to learn about coaching and how to work with emotional intelligence - yours and other's emotional intelligence


The field of coaching has grown considerably in recent times. Coaching equips people with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves to be effective in their commitment to themselves, the company, and their work. It can be used in a variety of ways, for example, getting past an impasse, removing a stumbling block or drawing out and building on strengths.

Emotional Intelligence is the science and practice of good emotional awareness and self-management. Successfully applied in the workplace it accounts for greater success than intellectual capabilities.

Emotional intelligence coaching not only reveals the unique working of your emotional realm but also directs you to your untapped potential and to where you've been holding yourself back. It's a very powerful form of personal leadership coaching that's both discreet and trusted.

Emotional intelligence coaching builds personal skills by demonstrating what good looks like both practically and on an emotional level. It brings together tried and tested coaching techniques within the construct of emotional intelligence.

Empathy is a fundamental component of emotional intelligence. Using empathy builds trust and keeps conversations focused on increasing performance and employee engagement.

This course is for you if you work with people as a leader or manager and are looking at ways to help improve performance by developing emotional intelligence through coaching.

The course gives you straightforward approaches to:

Gaining an understanding or emotional intelligence with its application in coaching.

Building coaching skills and creating a deeper understanding of working to develop other people to improve their capabilities and their performance

Using questioning techniques for performance conversations that develops excellence

Creating a coaching environment without formalising coaching

The GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) Model is a well-respected tool in coaching and this is explored to improve your questioning and listening techniques. It demonstrates the power of coaching through the use of a structure that enables questioning to flow conversationally and in a logical sequence.

Other techniques are covered including a process to coach using emotional intelligence and help others discover their emotional intelligence.

Simple, to the point, no-nonsense and effective advice on workplace coaching with emotional intelligence.

Full grammatically-correct English captions available.

Latest update - June 2019

Who this course is for:

This emotional Intelligence course is designed for anyone in a leadership position in an organisation who is interested in improving their coaching skills
You will be responsible for leading and managing groups of people to achieve outcomes and enhance performance
Generally, this course attracts human resources, sales and marketing, training professionals, corporate executives, leaders, managers, supervisors and coaches
This course will not be of interest to you if you manage processes and tasks with little focus on the people involved

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