CreativeLive - Fine Art Womens Portraits
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Are you ready to delve into the magical world of fine art photography? Join innovative and award-winning photographer Jennifer Hudson for a two-day immersion into everything you need to know to conceptualize, style, and shoot photographs that double as works of art.

Jennifer will share her unique method for turning a natural setting into a fine art studio, including her one-of-a-kind-technique for creating water portraits. You'll master the essential principles of posing, lighting, styling, and costuming. Jennifer will also cover working effectively with models, communicating your personal vision, and using Photoshop to add a fine-art-style polish to images.

By the end of this course, you'll be inspired and empowered to bring a new level of artistry to your photographs.

Day 1 Pre-Show
9:00 am - Influences and Inspiration
9:45 am - Composition and Posing Process
11:00 am - Posing Methods and Q&A
12:30 pm - Shoot: Outdoor Figure Studies - Canopy Part 1
1:15 pm - Shoot: Outdoor Figure Studies - Canopy Part 2
2:00 pm - Shoot: Forest Scene and Props Part 1
2:30 pm - Shoot: Forest Scene and Props Part 2
Day 1 Wrap-Up

Day 2 Pre-Show
9:00 am - Creating Couture Garments and Stylized Session
9:30 am - Shoot: Couture Gown in Forest Scene
10:00 am - Shoot: Couture Bridal Gown in Tree
11:00 am - Shoot: Water Sessions First Model
11:30 am - Shoot: Water Sessions Second Model
11:45 am - Shoot: Water Sessions Third Model
1:00 pm - Shoot: Outdoor Drop Cloths and Chair Pose One
1:30 pm - Shoot: Chair Pose and Two Models Together
2:00 pm - Shoot: Posing Two Models with Antlers
Thanks + Credits
2:45 pm - Digital Finishing Techniques in Photoshop
Day 2 Wrap-Up

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer B Thoreson is a young visual artist creating staged imagery that is both artistically stylized and meticulously crafted. Drawing inspirations from themes of faith and the intricacy of personal relationships, Jennifer is a dynamic and emotional illustrator of the human heart. The work is soulful, seeking the use of the forgotten or discarded, heavily symbolic, eerie and quiet. She references her faith and spirituality to bring insight and awareness, using heartfelt, acutely mapped personal experiences.

Jennifer holds an MFA from the University of New Mexico. She is an international speaker and lecturer whose programs are sought after year after year by many professional public and private photographic organizations. Jennifer published her first monograph, Medic, in 2012. She has just completed her latest major body of work entitled Testament, a series of twelve images exploring love relationships and heavy burdens they sustain. Jennifer's work has been a part of more than 30 exhibitions, has been widely published internationally in many print and online journals, and is represented by three major galleries across the United States.