Catia Analiz Eğitim Videoları


1- 127 fully illustrated tutorials (Video and Audio Narrations) with more than 5.0 Hours of viewing time.
2- Shows all possible details, from very beginning to advanced level.
3- Academic Learning Style. Demonstrating every mouse click along the way, and using class room training methods.
4- Goes through every subject, and shows every possible practical tips and design aspects.
5- Courses Covered: Structure Analysis Workbench.

Following Is a Complete List of The Tutorials (all are presented in Video + Audio Narrations)
1- First: Quick Course
1- Entering the Generative Structural Analysis Workbench And Quick Introduction
2- Second: Detailed Course
4-2-1 Creating (Processing)
2-1-1 Inserting Analysis Cases
1- Inserting a New Static Case
2- Inserting a New Static Constrained Case
3- Inserting a New Frequency Case
4- Inserting a New Buckling Case
5- Inserting a New Combined Case
6- Inserting a New Envelop Case
7- Inserting a Harmonic Dynamic Response Case
8- Inserting a Transient Dynamic Response Case

2-1-2 Modulation And
Dynamic Response Sets
1-1 Creating White Noise Modulation
1-2 Importing Frequency and time Modulation
2-1 Defining a Load Excitation Set
2-2 Defining a Restraint Excitation Set
2-3 Defining a Damping Set

2-1-3 Model Manager
And Adaptivity
1-1 Creating 3D Mesh Parts
1-2 Creating 2D Mesh Parts
1-3 Creating 1D Mesh Parts
1-4 Creating Local Mesh Sizes
1-5 Creating Local Mesh Sags
1-6 Creating 3D Properties
1-7 Creating 2D Properties
1-8 Importing Composite Properties
1-9 Creating 1D Properties
1-10 Creating Mapping Properties
1-11 Changing Element Type
1-12 Creating a User Material
1-13 Applying a Material to Analysis Connections
1-14 Modifying Material Physical Properties
1-15 Editing a User Isotropic Material
1-16 Checking the Model
2-1 Creating Global Adaptivity Specifications
2-2 Creating Local Adaptivity Specifications
2-3 Computing with Adaptivity

2-1-4 Connections
2-1-4-1 Analysis Connections
1- General Analysis Connection
2- Point Analysis Connection
3- Point Analysis Connection Within One Part
4- Line Analysis Connection
5- Line Analysis Connection Within One Part
6- Surface Analysis Connection
7- Surface Analysis Connection Within One Part
8- Points to Points Analysis Connection
9- Point Analysis Interface

2-1-4-2 Creating Face To Face
Connection Properties
1- Creating Slider Connection Properties
2- Creating Contact Connection Properties
3- Creating Fastened Connection Properties
4- Creating Fastened Spring Connection Properties
5- Creating Pressure Fitting Connection Properties
6- Creating Bolt Tightening Connection Properties

2-1-4-3 Creating Distant
Connection Properties
1- Creating Rigid Connection Properties
2- Creating Smooth Connection Properties
3- Creating Virtual Rigid Bolt Tightening Connection Properties
4- Creating Virtual Spring Bolt Tightening Connection Properties
5- Creating User-Defined Connection Properties

2-1-4-4 Creating Welding And Point
Based Connection Properties
1-1 Creating Spot Welding Connection Properties
1-2 Creating Seam Welding Connection Properties
1-3 Creating Surface Welding Connection Properties
2-1 Creating Nodes to Nodes Connection Properties
2-2 Creating Node Interface Properties

2-1-5 Virtual Parts, Masses
And Restraints
2-1-5-1 Virtual Parts
1- Creating Rigid Virtual Parts
2- Creating Smooth Virtual Parts
3- Creating Contact Virtual Parts
4- Creating Rigid Spring Virtual Parts
5- Creating Smooth Spring Virtual Parts
6- Creating Periodicity Conditions

2-1-5-2 Mass Equipments
1- Creating Distributed Masses
2- Creating Line Mass Densities
3- Creating Surface Mass Densities
4- Inertia on Virtual Part

2-1-5-3 Restraints
1- Creating Clamps
2- Creating Surface Sliders
3- Creating Ball Joins
4- Creating Sliders
5- Creating Pivots
6- Creating Sliding Pivots
7- Creating User-defined Restraints
8- Creating Iso-static Restraints

2-1-6 Loads
2-1-6-1 Forces
1- Creating Pressures
2- Creating Distributed Forces
3- Creating Moments
4- Creating a Bearing Load
5- Importing Forces
6- Importing Moments

2-1-6-2 Force Densities
1- Creating Line Force Densities
2- Creating Surface Force Densities
3- Creating Volume Force Densities
4- Creating Force Density

2-1-6-3 Body Motion, Displacements And Temperature
1-1 Creating Accelerations
1-2 Creating Rotation Forces
2- Creating Enforced Displacements
3- Temperature

2-2 Results (Post-Processing)
2-2-1 Creating Groups
1- Grouping (Points-Lines-Surfaces-Bodies-BOX and Sphere)
2- Grouping (Points-Lines-Surfaces) by Neighbourhood
3- Creating Groups under a Mesh Part
4- Analyze Group

2-2-2 Envelop Case Sets
And Sensors
1-1 Defining an Envelop Set
1-2 Adding Envelop Types
1-3 Editing an Envelop Type
2-1 Creating Global Sensors
2-2 Creating Local Sensors
2-3 Creating Reaction Sensors

2-2-3 Results Computation
1- Permanent and Temporary External Storage
2- Computing Objects Sets
3- Computing Static Constrained Solutions
4- Computing Buckling Solutions
5- Computing Envelop Solutions
6- Computing Harmonic Dynamic Response Solutions
7- Computing Transient Dynamic Response Solutions

2-2-4 Results Visualization
1- Visualizing Deformations
2- Visualizing Von Mises Stresses
3- Visualizing Displacements
4- Visualizing Principal Stresses
5- Visualizing Precisions
6- Generating Reports
7- Reading a Historic of Computation
8- Elfini Solver Log
9- Animating Images
10- Cut Plane Analysis
11- Amplification Magnitude
12- Creating Extrema
13- Editing the Colour Palette
14- Images Layout
15- Simplifying Representation
16- Generating Images

2-2-5 Generating 2D Display
1- Generating a 2D Display for Modulation
2- Generating a 2D Display for Dynamic Response Solution
3- Generating a 2D Display for Sensor
4- Editing 2D Display Parameters

Whatever your experience is; with this course, we let CATIA to be your first tool to work on any project, whether it is an entry level or state-of-the-art design.
You can register your training course whenever you want. There will be no time limit for the registered package. Registration fee: 10 GBP only.
No need to create your own backup. You can order extra original DVD for backup. We produce our courses on premium DVD�s brand.

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