Product Name:Pet food machine
Product Description:
The pet dog cat food production line can manufacturer the food with novel various shape, particular tastes and scientific nutrition for lovely pets. Our machines enjoy excellent sales by its high outputs and simple and easily be operated wihich can help you save manufacture space and manufacture cast.

1. Flow chart of Pet food production line:

Mixer→screw conveyor→twin screw extruder→air conveyor→dryer→hoister→flavoring drum and oil sprayer→cooling machine→packing machine


1. Swiss Technology, made in China;

2. PLC touch screen for Centralized ,accurate,convenient control

3. Fully automatic control system for heating and circulated cooling accurately

4. Direct transmission of motor and distribution box reduces energy loss.


5. Imported bearing group with higher bearing capacity

6. Equip with water injecting device on barrel to meet require of various raw material and quality.

7. High-speed tool steel with hardness HRC≥62 to ensure a longer service life.

8. Modular combination of screws at will to meet require of different raw material.


9. Suspension type rotary cutter with bearing adjusting device to ensure quick, safe and accurate

10. All barrels inlaid alloy sleeve, easy to replace and extend the life span of screw. All barrels inlaid cooling water through, spread around alloy sleeve, and can accurate constant temperature required

11. All screw sleeves is kneading, ensure that not accumulate material. The screw is installed by blocks, and can be replaced optionally ratio to achieve requirements for product. Screw sleeve is installed by spline, and it is convenient and efficient. Quality of screw sleeve according to different prices is divided into: Cr12MoV, 38CrMoAl38, W6Mo5Cr4V2.
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Jinan FLD Machinery CO.,LTD
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Descption:Jinan FLD Extrusion Machinery CO.,LTD, special on food extrusion tech and machinery manufacturer in Jinan city, China. Our Jinan FLD Extrusion Company, established in 2012. Our working team have experienced more than 10 years on extrusion processing. Especially on Service after selling. Our engineer have worked in more than 30 countries for extrusion service yet. Our machinery get good reputation by good quality and good working.
Welcome to coming our company JINAN FLD Extrusion factory, checking the machinery freely and make choice freely according to your need exactly.
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Jinan FLD Machinery CO.,LTD
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